All Methodists are members of the Methodist Missionary Society, but of course, we cannot all go out as preachers and missionaries. Instead, we can support those who do. The motto of our JMA collectors holds good for us all: to learn, pray and serve.

Barbara Dickinson was due to take the service on June 14th but is isolated in Kenya read her story, click here

Junior Mission for All

Children and young people collect on a regular basis from friends and relatives. The money is divided 20% to home projects and 80% for overseas work (contact:Janet Parker). Apart from JMA contributions, money is also raised directly for home and Overseas Mission (Contact:Christine Burley).

Mission in Britain

Mission in Britain addresses a variety of issues: evangelical outreach (especially the work of Cliff College); youth work; chaplains to industries, prisons, hospitals and Universities; local radio; church expansion and interfaith relationships all come within its remit. Locally, we work with other churches in Mission Doncaster, and we contribute to the support of a Schools' Worker. 

World Mission

 The Methodist Church in Britain nowadays supports local churches overseas to develop their own ministries, according to their local needs. We are kept informed of this work by visiting missionaries and other events through the year. (contact: Mrs Margaret Crompton.)

Methodist Women in Britain

Methodist Women in Britain is the umbrella organisation for all women's groups/activities in the Methodist church nationally, and is affiliated to the World Federation of Methodist Women. At present there is no local women's fellowship meeting, but a monthly Circuit meeting addresses issues of the day at home and overseas. A quarterly journal, Magnet, is available. (contact: Mrs Margaret Crompton.)

:Easter Offering...This is delayed on the advice of HQ..OSTPONED probably until late Nov/ early Dec .There is no Mission in Britain collection planned for this year./ so no clash of interests
Anyone wanting full details of the service etc can find them on line under Methodist Women in Britain..

Re Children's Air Ambulance appeal. Afternoon Tea
A letter from Sharon Evans suggests money is not coming in as it has. I am proposing to send all the ticket money to the fund. 
When we are through this difficult time we will sort out a  new date with David Blunkett and if you keep your ticket you can have free admission!
I have the deposits for our April lunch ����☕️at Mount Pleasant  in my account. I propose to leave the money there against the day we can book lunch once more!
Please share this information with others in the group.

Maua Hospital Kenya and the Birthday Scheme

Read the latest letter from Barbara Dickinson

See the letter that says she will not be able to come as planned.

In a Birthday Scheme, members are encouraged to contribute on their birthday to medical work overseas, in appreciation of the high standard of medical care that is available to us in Britain. Birthday cards are currently on hold during the crisis.

Currently we support Maua hospital, Kenya. (Contact: Mrs Heather Blacklock).

Christian Aid

Our church takes part in the annual house-to-house collection in aid of this inter-denominational organisation which encourages self-help projects in needy parts of the world. We have also been enthusiastic supporters of   'MAKE POVERTY HISTORY'

Fair Trade

We actively encourage the use of fairly traded products and use these for all our refreshments. There is also a regular 'Trade Craft' stall run by Sue Jones.

All we Can (formerly MRDF)

The church supports the work of this Methodist Relief and Development organisation on a regular basis and recently sent an additional donation of £2,500 to help with the work in Haiti after the recent floods