So how does it work?

Sprotbrough Methodist Church is the group of Christians who meet mainly in the buildings at the junction of Park Drive and Brompton Road, but the buildings themselves are also referred to as the Methodist Church. Sprotbrough Methodist church is also a member of the Doncaster Circuit, a cluster of 20 Methodist Churches, mainly in the Doncaster Metropolitan Borough. The Circuit is part of Sheffield District, along with 18 other such Circuits. The circuit website is

Rev Tom Read is the minister responsible for Sprotbrough.

The church is governed by the Church Council, consisting of about 25 members of the church plus the ministers. All other committees are responsible to the Church Council for their particular area of work.

Property and Finance committee need no explanation. ¨Pastoral Committee makes sure that everybody is cared for: each member or friend is allocated to the group of people who live in their street or nearby, and each is expected to care for the others in that street or area.

The Worship and Training Group has concentrated mainly on improving and maintaining the high standard of our Sunday Services, but is beginning to encourage training, teaching and studying. Our church has a long tradition of involving members of the congregation in the leading of worship, and several members have become fully accredited Local Preachers, leading services all over Doncaster Circuit. Also a number of our members are accredited worship leaders and as such help in the leading of worship and lead worship as a team ministry.

Missions Committee represents the Church's concern with issues of Christian outreach and the struggle for a just world (Social Responsibility) at home and overseas.

The Church Stewards see to the smooth running of the church week by week. There are three main stewards of which one is the Senior Steward, currently Sue Jones and there are about 35 members of the welcome team who are divided into 7 pairs and are especially responsible for Sunday services and ensuring that people are made welcome.

For many years our Church has had close links with St Mary's, the Anglican church in Sprotbrough. We have services and social events together several times each year, and have been growing closer. As a mark of this trend and of our commitment to working together here in the name of Christ, we celebrated the Millennium by signing a formal Covenant. Representatives of our two churches now meet regularly as The Forum, to keep each other properly informed, and also to plan projects and events together. Representatives of other denominations are being co-opted onto this Forum.

It works ecumenically, through 'Christians Together in Sprotbrough'. More information concerning the local Anglican church, St. Mary's, can be obtained from their web site