he is risen


Nativity - A fantastic performance by SMCKidz to a large 'masked' audience


A real baby in the crib, his first performance with SMCKidz, with a fascinated sheep.


fabulous narrators and a brilliant band

Playtime and party time





A Christmas craft day


Copley Year 4 visit for Godly Play, they were a joy to have with us







Angels have descended


A new image for our SMCKidz room

new room 

Visitors from Cambodia (they came for a meal on Tuesday February 18th)



Year 4 from Copley visited and listened to the Godly Play story of the 'Good Samaritan' before engaging in a range of craft activities before the shared feast. Their behaviour and engagement is a great credit to the school.

world rules



Our visitors from Copley were asked to reflect in a painting an answer to the question 'where is God', what does it make you think of.

These are just three of the responses, you can see some of the painters at work.

Alpha, The Launch event has happened, the tables are set and the first session has happened. January 2020



Over 140 watched or took part in our Nativity the age of the cast ranged from 88 years to 9 days. A 9 day old baby Jesus in the manger.



Year 4 Copley Visit for a Godly Play session







In the early hours of Monday morning over 800 angels descended on Sprotbrough 

angels l angels


800 angels are blessed by the children 

look at the one behind the communion table, she can only just reach.

Soon these angels will spread their wings and descent upon the village to bring love, peace and hope.

 angels blessed


Harvest Tea was enjoyed by over 40 people



knitting Angels - nearer Christmas we will reveal our intent



Scarecrow Festival

 Church looked a bit different this morning as seating was left as it had been on the Saturday when people called for coffee as part of the village scarecrow festival.

Many more called in on the Sunday and many joined the rest of the congregation for coffee as soon as the service was finished and throughout the rest of the day.

The church banners were on display throughout the church, in the photo you might see one or two of them on the back wall


The final Playtime - a Teddy Bear's Picnic

 playtime picnice


Frank's final morning service at Sprotbrough 7/7/19

At Frank's last morning service he was presented with a gift and card of thanks. He has been with us for 11 years and we will miss his warm smile and loving care. Frank focused on our theme 'A people empowered to be sent' based on Luke 10:1-11 and 16-20. He talked about his own calling and his journey so far. We wish him well for the future.

Louise came with her guide dog and he too came to communion and had a blessing from Frank.

 frank final

frank final1 


Frank's farewell BBQ





A new banner to celebrate 80 years, made up from 77 panels created by our members 


SMC Nativity

Once again there was a real baby in the crib and well over 100 in the congregation for our Nativity Play, 'the new Noisy Neighbour'. The choir and band led by Matt produced some fantastic music and the children rose to the occasion.




 nativity 4



Copley Children visit for a Christmas Godly Play session

 gp2godly play1


Fund Raising Event for Cambodia November 10th 2018

over £860 raised

 cambodia nov 18

 cambodia no 18a

Year 4 children from Copley Visit Church

Here you can see them enjoying finding out about things in the church and completing a quiz and enjoying singing together

copley 1 




Harvest Tea, having fun 

The service on Celebrating God's world with a fantastic display that reflects the elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water

harvest flowers 



August Events

 playtime picnic

mrs Noah 

 Playtime Picnic in the church grounds 

 Mrs. Noah at the scarecrow festival

Family Service July 22

Fourteen children and seventy plus adults enjoyed exploring the Holy Habit of 'Fellowship/friendship



Sonrise service at Cusworth on Easter Sunday

 sunrise 2018

Lent Course on Holy Habits

One group met on a Tuesday afternoon and another group on Wednesday Evening. The sessions covered Gladness and Generosity; Eating Together; Biblical Teaching and Prayer (two of the pictures reflect a number of prayer spaces developed for the final session).

 lent group1

lent group 2 


lent group2 

Family Service 28/1/18

Fifteen of our children joined us for the family service on Biblical Teaching. They loved waving their banners and playing their instruments to accompany the singing. They showed the congregation what they had been doing for the last three weeks and heard a Godly Play story before moving to the porch to prepare some work to bring back to the congregation, there was also time for the younger ones to play.




playtime children 

Nativity 2017

Once again we had a real baby in the crib to celebrate the birth of the Christ child. Our choir and instrumentalists, along with the children led our celebration.

 nativity baby

nativity group 

Raising funds for Cambodia

November 11th

 cambodia event

Cambodia event 1 


We supported Mr. Mbaabu to gain his degree and this week he sent this photograph of his graduation along with his sincere thanks. 

We send our congratulations 

Copley Visit October




The year 4 children from Copley visited us on Thursday. Rev. Frank explained how he performed Baptism, Holy Communion, Marriage and Funerals. The children explored the artefacts around the church through a quiz, as you can see adults were there to help. The visit finished with the feast of juice and a biscuit.




The children at playtime decorated a hedgehog using hand prints.

They wanted me to photograph them with their artistic creations.

New Banner to celebrate Holy Habits

 holy habits banner

We have a new banner in church to focus our thoughts on Holy Habits which will be our theme for the coming year.

We will begin our thoughts in October with Gladness and Generosity.

The flower ladies produce an arrangement for Adwick's flower festival 

adwick flower 

Tools for Self Reliance Coffee morning

tools coffee 


Congratulations to Mrs. Sarah Beckingham on being appointed our 'Family Outreach Worker'. She takes up this appointment from September 1

Playtime 'Teddy Bears' Picnic'

 teddy bears picnic

 teddy bears picnic

Copley Visit July 

 godly play

godly play2 

 godly play3

godly play4 

Copley Visit in May

(some children wanted to show their paintings, note the concentration crafts)

 godly play

godl play1 



Community Lunch in May



Copley Visit for A Godly Play session


The children enjoyed the story of the life of Jesus. They listened intently and asked some very deep questions.

They enjoyed a range of crafts including sewing, making bracelets, painting and making cards.

The session finished with the feast where a drink and a biscuit are shared together.





OneSound Doncaster, a taster session


Nativity Play 2016

Once again a real baby in the crib. The musical presentation of the Nativity was shared by over 150 people in a packed church, enjoy the photographs.














Sprotbrough Playtime

(Every Wednesday in term time from 9-30 to 11-00, a new venture and a great success, the children and parents are a delight to have with us)



Partnership BBQ






It was a lovely summers day for the partnership BBQ and a good crowd joined together to enjoy a delicious plate of food led by master chef Frank and his skilled team.

As you can see the event was enjoyed by all.




One Sound visited Doncaster to perform a concert at Priory.  They stayed here at Sprotbrough and joined in our morning worship together they helped us achieve a congregation of over 130 . We fed them on Thursday night and they had breakfast each morning before going off to Priory to rehearse. They were a fantastic and highly talented group of Christian Musicians.

Sunrise service on Easter Sunday at Cusworth


MARCH visit of Y4 Copley with the story being the 




During Lent groups met to follow the 'season of renewal' course





In February Copley Visited us for the story of the Good Samaritan







 The children entered and left with smiles on their faces and it was a joy to have them with us. They engaged fully with the story, as you can tell from the images above and fully participated in the wondering questions that are a part of the story. 

They then were fully engaged with the activities and even enjoyed returning to the materials to re-enact stories.

We look forward to their next visit for it is a real pleasure and a privilege to have them as our guests.



Four happy kings who have made their own crowns 

Annual Nativity Play December 20th




Well over 100 people packed into the church for our annual nativity play. It was led by some superb music and drama.

So a special thanks to our musicians and choir under their director Matt Beckingham and to our fine collection of performers, sparkling angels, wise men (and woman), determined Bin Men, numerous narrators, a very practical (if put out) Donkey


as is our tradition a real baby in the crib so many thanks to Sarah (Mary), Pete (Joseph) and their daughter Sophie (baby Jesus).

Copley School Visited in December for the "Godly Play' story of the "Holy Family'.

They were fantastic listeners and fully engaged in the activities and the feast, they are a real joy to have in our church.



 Making Christmas cards that depict the Nativity Scene

 'Look at the bracelet I made'. I'm making one for my sister next'



 The teacher painted a wonderful nativity scene, just look at the enquiring faces

 At the centre was the 'Holy Family' watching over it all

'Bacon Butties' event to raise Money for Lynne's work in Cambodia





We are the church

At the family service on Sunday June 28th we celebrated 'we are the church'. We reflected that we 'Christ's people' are the church who sustain each other in His love and help to share that love, compassion and concern with others. We remembered that we meet for worship and service in our building and Doug Lambert, grandson of the lady who opened our church, presented us with the official key used on that occasion. We were fortunate to have Chakriya with us, she is from Cambodia and linked to the project we support. She did a traditional dance for us. We also had Salvatori, from Italy with us and using other members of our congregation (including Frank Junior) we had the Lords Prayer in five languages. All indicating our concern to 'Look through the Window' and reach out to God's world.



Sunrise Service at Cusworth on Easter Sunday


Good Friday


Getting ready for Easter



children create their Easter Garden 

These are displayed in the church porch for all to see


Brenda celebrated her 80th birthday in the presence of her church family. Everyone enjoyed a piece of the cake to go with their morning coffee after the Family Service on February 22. 




 The star shines brightly on our Nativity

 A cast of many



 Angels smiling with joy, what a delightful 'heavenly host'

 Senior angels in full voice



 Yes it is a real baby!!

Once again we have a real baby in our crib, can you spot the hair, and can you spot the anxious 'granddad' in the top left hand corner

Mary, Joseph and the shepherds look on.






 copley story




all help sewing 





 The Copley children visited us during Advent and listened to the story of the Holy Family and the birth of Jesus. They had a 'wondering time', a chance to respond to the story, hence the hands up. They then had a chance to engage in craft activities reflecting on the story. Many decided they wanted to sew and after initial help they were deep in concentration . We finished the session with biscuits and juice (what is called 'the feast').


The Posada

Mary and Joseph are making their way around Sprotbrough as members of the church welcome them into their homes this Christmas as we acknowledge that he is always present in our homes unseen and, regrettably, often unacknowledged.

May we welcome him with joy this Advent tideland make it a time for renewal and reawakening.

The Jesse Tree



We have been following the characters from the Jesse tree for nearly a year. This is our tree.

This is us painting our tree. We shared this on Advent Sunday in our family service.

Fund Raising for Cambodia

 cambodia bb


 Bacon Butties, with tea and cakes for Cambodia

Veronica tells us of her trip to visit Lynne in Cambodia 

Flowers for Rememberance


Harvest Festival

 harvest flowers

The harvest theme was based on the 'All we can theme' of reaching our potential.

The display on the communion table reflected this theme of potential as many of the elements express the gifts of nature and how we use them. As with all God's gifts there is potential for abuse and misuse.

That message is true for us just as it is for the plants.

Local Preacher serves for 50 years

 lp 50 years


 David gratefully accepts the cake and is deeply appreciative of all the support he has received from the members at Sprotbrough

The  cake was shared with members of the congregation. Everyone enjoyed a slice, including the children, one at least came back for more.


A children's Easter Garden, communion flowers and our two Easter banners





The windows reflected the new life that Easter brings with displays of eggs


easter window 

 easter window2

easter window 3 

Easter breakfast over 40 people enjoyed a meal together before the service



Sonrise service at Cusworth on Easter Morning



Sprotbrough Nativity Play 2013

Once again a packed church (over 120 people) and a real baby in the crib, thanks to Mark, Lisa and baby Alice. A special thank you to all who took part and all who supported them by their presence.



Greetings from Cambodia


Lynne is still working in Cambodia and sends a picture of a child hugging a teddy, a gift from the people of Sprotbrough

Advent arrives

why not follow our Advent prayer journey https://docs-eu.livesiteadmin.com/8347d275-9230-4096-b25d-0b478aa4b271/advent-prayer-journey-2013.pdf

Angels adorn our windows as they bring good news


Godly Play session November

Many thanks to Nicki Goodwin and the Rotherham team

The church is ready, thirty took part The artefacts used for the Holy Family
Two of our members explore the artefacts Some engage in the crafts reflecting the story



A new Banner

This celebrates the 'fruits of the spirit' and was a fitting addition at Harvest time.

Harvest Festival

Some wonderful floral displays, the camera does not do them justice



Sprotbrough Bake-Off

in aid of Rafiki Childrens Home Ghana

It raised £325



Easter Celebrations

Easter Flowers in the entrance

the church was filled with Easter flowers beautifully arranged

Decorating the communion table
Easter Breakfst over 40 people attended A breakfast enjoyed by both young and old followed by worship with over 100


Celebrating her 100th birthday

Gwen Edwards celebrates her 100th birthday and the young people provide a guard of honour.



A new banner celebrates the contribution made by our young people Each week we add a new item to our Lenten display as we remember Christ's journey to the cross

The Nativity Play

A full church of over 100 people Angels from the realms of glory
The real baby 'Reuben' enters the crib Mary holds the baby watched by Joseph
The kings keep watch with the angels

 All are gathered

Getting ready for christmas

Watched by a star Fun club children decorate the tree
The crib on the communion table Fun Club angels


A visit from the puppets was enjoyed by all


Harvest Display and Meal

Our Harvest this year celebrated the gifts and talents of our members. Just spot the talents, these include beautiful displays of flowers, skills with needle and thread, skills with plants, with pencil and paint, with carving and creating, with serving and sharing. All God given talents, not hidden in the ground but used so that all may enjoy.

communion table  doll, patchwork, clock
patchwork,cross stitch plants and carved fruit
Window display on gardening Bonsai, cake and painting
Porch display, spot the talents Tools for Self Reliance
Hand made train window display
A harvest meal a talent for food and fellowship