Having a wedding or a Christening?

Special services can be arranged with the minister, and are a regular feature of our Church. Weddings are usually planned 6 to 18 months in advance; christenings maybe 3 months; and of course funerals at a few days' notice. All are tailored to the requests of the family, within the basic regulations of the Church.


Our basic principle is that marriage is for life, and some of the preparation meetings are designed to encourage a stable life-long relationship, as well as to plan the details of the wedding day. Having said that, we do recognise that sometimes marriages break up, and the resultant divorcees may wish to marry someone else. Our Church permits such a marriage at the discretion of the minister (who is answerable to the Chair of District). The Church fees for a wedding are currently £150 for the hire and use of the church, the minister's fee is currently £185. If music is required this can be negotiated by contacting the director of music and it is also possible for our flower arrangers to decorate parts of the church, if required. 

The church council approved same sex marriages and one such marriage has already been celebrated.


We have two kinds of ceremony for infants: Thanksgiving and Baptism. Baptism is the traditional ceremony, but does demand from the parents a commitment to bring up the child in the Christian faith, as evidenced by regular church attendance. Thanksgiving is the more appropriate ceremony where the parents feel unable to commit themselves to such upbringing, but nevertheless wish to thank God for the gift of their child and ask God's blessing upon the child. Both kinds of ceremony take place during Sunday morning service, usually with relatives and friends, as well as the regular congregation. There is no fee for either ceremony.


The minister conducts funerals either in our Church or at the Crematorium. The Church fee is currently £148. ¨All Church fees are usually waived for Church Members.¨Golden Wedding Celebrations, Rededication of Marriage Vows, etc: such ceremonies occur occasionally, and are welcomed.

For further information please leave a message on our baby basics answer phone, given below.